personal injury
personal injury
  • A Burning Question For Hoverboard Enthusiasts

    One of this holiday season’s hottest gifts has gotten a little too hot, literally.  The burning question for hoverboard enthusiasts is “Is yours next?”.  Consumer complaints about these self-combusting people movers have created headaches for retailers and manufacturers alike.  There are at least two known incidents in Alabama alone. A local couple has filed suit blaming the popular toy they bought at a mall kiosk for a fire that badly damaged their home in Meridianville.  The suit...
  • Are You a Property Owner? Here’s What You Need to Know…

    There are many types of claims made as a result of injuries on another person’s property under Alabama law and they are commonly referred to as Premises Liability claims.  Injuries that lead to Premises Liability claims can happen during any season; however, winter months like the Tennessee Valley is accustomed to enduring tend to be particularly hazardous, with emergency rooms often seeing an increase in the number of patients who’ve had a dangerous encounter with a patch of ice.  It...
  • Studies Suggest That Lipitor Increases the Risk of Diabetes

    The FDA has announced changes to the safety information on the labels of several statins, including Lipitor, to indicate that they may raise levels of blood sugar and could potentially cause memory loss.  The FDA said it was aware of studies in which some patients taking statins may have an increased risk of higher blood sugar levels and of being diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes.  The agency also said that statin labels will now reflect reports of other certain cognitive effects such as...
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