Personal Injury Law
Personal Injury Law
  • Studies Suggest That Lipitor Increases the Risk of Diabetes

    The FDA has announced changes to the safety information on the labels of several statins, including Lipitor, to indicate that they may raise levels of blood sugar and could potentially cause memory loss.  The FDA said it was aware of studies in which some patients taking statins may have an increased risk of higher blood sugar levels and of being diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes.  The agency also said that statin labels will now reflect reports of other certain cognitive effects such as...
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  • Rahmati Law Firm Announces that Joseph T. Conwell, III, has Joined the Firm

    Joseph is a native of New Hope, Alabama. Joseph is a third generation attorney serving Madison County. He received his law degree from Jones School of Law in Montgomery Alabama in December of 1998. Prior to joining the firm in October of 2011, Joseph was in private practice for 11 years. He has handled a wide variety of legal matters ranging from Capitol Murder/Criminal Law, Civil Litigation, Wills, Estates, Real Estate Transactions, and Drafting and Preparing Corporate and Business Entity Docum...
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  • Alabama Supreme Court Addresses Unexplained Fall At Work

    Last week, the Alabama Supreme Court issued it's opinion in the case of Ex Parte Patsy Patton d/b/a Korner Store (In re Lana T. Brown v. Patsy Patton d/b/a Korner Store).  Ms. Brown worked as a cashier at the Korner Store, which is a gas station/convenience store.  She walked to the deli counter to refill her coffee cup, and when she began walking back to the front of the store, she "inexplicably fell, breaking her wrist". She filed a workers' compensation claim, which was denied by Korner St...
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