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Huntsville Attorney

    Many who work in child welfare services would likely say that their toughest challenge is finding an adoptive parent for older children with years in foster care. As the supply of your ‘traditional adoptive parents’ shrinks, a growing shift toward finding relatives to act as caretakers is happening in cities across America. When a child has been living in foster care for many years, you’ll typically find that their biological parents abused or neglected them, and parental rights were term...
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    Tax professionals seem to rattle off Internal Revenue Code Sections like they’re the ABCs; however, most taxpayers never look further than their 401(k).  Although this is likely in most cases, the term "1031 exchange” is slowly but surely making its way into everyday conversations of Realtors, title companies, investors and even stay-at-home moms. So what is a 1031 exchange? Technically speaking, under Section 1031 of the Internal Revenue Code, the exchange of certain types of...
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  • Stay up-to-date with News You Can Use from Rahmati Law Firm

      In this day and age, it seems everyone is always “on-the-go” and we all live and learn through our mobile devices. These devices have become the primary resource for our daily communication with our friends, family and co-workers. Whether through a phone app, email, or social media, they’re an easy way to get all of the information you need on-the-go, minute by minute, hour by hour. Rahmati Law Firm realizes that your day-to-day lives are very hectic, yet you still want to keep inf...
  • Understanding Non-Competition Agreements

    Non-competition agreements (non-compete) are employment contracts used by employers to limit the ability of an employee to work for a competitor.  Their main purpose is to limit the potential for previous employees to steal customers and/or trade secrets and share them with their competitor.  To be enforceable, a non-compete must balance two things: Protection of the employer’s legitimate business interests Offer the employee a fair competitive advantage to work in a field for which...
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  • Andrew A. Taheri Accepts Position with Regions Financial Corporation

    Rahmati Law Firm would like to announce that Andrew A. Taheri will be leaving the firm on May 6, 2013 to take a position in Birmingham, Alabama with Regions Financial Corporation as an Assistant Vice President and Compliance Specialist in the Risk Management Department. Andrew joined Rahmati Law Firm in September of 2011 and has since been learning and growing within the firm, as well as the Huntsville community. From a young age, Andrew was interested in becoming an attorney and decided to purs...
  • Do You Know What Your Credit Score Says About You?

    According to an online article by Fox Business, “when it comes to purchasing power, one number reigns supreme: your credit score”. Did you know that most lending institutions use a borrower’s credit report (and score) to help determine their borrowing power for large-ticket items such as a car or home. If that borrower’s credit score does not meet lending guidelines, they may face higher interest rates and/or higher loan fees. To maintain a good credit score it is important for a consum...
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  • Todd R. Howard Nominated for the 23rd Judicial Circuit, Place 3, on the Alabama State Bar Board of Bar Commissioners

    Rahmati Law Firm, LLC is proud to announce that Todd R. Howard has been nominated for the 23rd Judicial Circuit, Place 3, on the Alabama State Bar Board of Bar Commissioners. The Board of Commissioners, which is composed of at least one elected representative from each judicial circuit in Alabama, administers the affairs of the Alabama State Bar. The Board of Bar Commissioners adopts policies pertaining to the operation of the Alabama State Bar, and with approval of the Supreme Court, it prescri...
  • Rahmati Law Firm Speaks to the New HAAR Realtors

            Rahmati Law Firm is thankful for the opportunity to sponsor and speak today at the Huntsville Area Association of Realtors New Member Orientation. Joseph Conwell, Todd Howard and Andrew Taheri, represented Rahmati Law Firm today speaking about the closing process and fielding questions from the new members. The event was attended by over 30 new realtors. The attorneys were impressed with the new class and the challenging questions that were presented. We look forward...
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  • Considerations for Choosing a Divorce Attorney

      The divorce process can be one of the most personally trying times in your life. Unfortunately, this significant life change is accompanied by legal issues that require resolution. Your choice in hiring a divorce attorney plays a factor in how easily the process progresses. In fact, your interests are best served when you select a divorce attorney who understands your priorities and who is a capable problem solver.    Begin your search with a personal inventory of your own...
  • Rahmati Law Firm Announces that Joseph T. Conwell, III, has Joined the Firm

    Joseph is a native of New Hope, Alabama. Joseph is a third generation attorney serving Madison County. He received his law degree from Jones School of Law in Montgomery Alabama in December of 1998. Prior to joining the firm in October of 2011, Joseph was in private practice for 11 years. He has handled a wide variety of legal matters ranging from Capitol Murder/Criminal Law, Civil Litigation, Wills, Estates, Real Estate Transactions, and Drafting and Preparing Corporate and Business Entity Docum...
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